Beijing Weili attended the 6th International Academic Conference


On October 16th, 2015, Beijing Weili attended the 6th International Academic Conference on Gastroenterology held in Shanghai, which lasted for two days. At this exhibition, many domestic medical enterprises gathered. At the same time of the exhibition, an academic discussion meeting was held, and many famous domestic experts attended the meeting to teach professional knowledge. The atmosphere was very strong. The participating products of Beijing Weili are self-produced medical equipment. The equipment on display, such as artificial liver blood system, ascites ultrafiltration concentration & reinfusion system, and liver disease therapeutic apparatus, are unique in the exhibition. In the scene full of drug publicity, the appearance of medical equipment is particularly eye-catching, attracting a large number of participants to stop and ask, and the scene atmosphere is particularly lively. Many experts have said that the medical equipment developed and produced by our company is a success. The appearance of this kind of equipment will greatly improve the symptoms of liver diseases, tumors and other diseases, and has a promising future. Beijing Weili with its real and unique instrument display, serious and rigorous work style, enthusiastic discussion atmosphere and provides on-site real-time explanation and operation, which enabled the participating experts to have a more comprehensive understanding of the medical equipment produced by our company, and at the same time, it was well received by experts.

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