Recall the glorious period, gather together today and forge ahead. First group building activity of Beijing Weili Marketing Center in 2022


Cool spring breeze, everything takes a new look. Beijing Weili has been deeply involved in the direction of Chinese male health and infectious diseases for many years with the enterprise spirit of "concentrate on the development and focus on the quality". In order to achieve new breakthroughs, accumulate new potential energy and create more glory in the next 30 years, Weili Medical has set up a brand-new marketing center team at the end of 2021 to show the new atmosphere with hard work. And for strengthening the construction of corporate culture and enhancing the communication and cohesion between new and old members of Weili Marketing Center, Cheng Qingwei,chairman of Weili , led more than 20 people in the marketing center management team and collaboration department to carry out a series of unique team-building activities on Feb 21st-22nd, 2022.

At 3: 40 p.m. on February 21st, under the leadership of Mr. Yan Chunhong, General Manager of the Marketing Center, Mr. Li Fuchun, Deputy General Manager and Mr. Liu Xiaobing,all members gathered in the cinema to watch a movie "Sniper", which talks about the snipers of Class 5 soldiers in the positional warfare against US aggression and aid Korea. In this simple and valuable movie-watching experience, the group builders understand that the collective is composed of individuals, and individuals live in the collective forever. In the future sales promotion work, we should be a group with one heart, one life and one responsibility, just like Class 5 in the film. The old and the new pass on wisdom from mouth to mouth, stick to spiritual memory together and create better achievements and future together with Weili.



All members are watching the movie.

After watching the movie, all the members under the careful arrangement of the chairman, Cheng Qingwei, gathered at ninety-nine yurts with dealer friends from afar. In the Mongolian melodious Ma Touqin sound and easy sabre dance, the company representatives accompanied the dealers to open the sheep ceremony, accepted the precious Hada and songs, toasted, and finally shared the mutton in a warm atmosphere. Weili's past achievements can't be separated from the hard work and long-term companionship of new and old dealers, and even more from the strong reliance and selfless power given by our great motherland. After three rounds of drinking, Cheng Qingwei, personally sang My People,My Country. Different timbres of nationalities from all corners of the country, young and old have been lingering in yurts for a long time. The national dream of national prosperity, national rejuvenation and grand narrative is spreading, extending and new in the realization of concrete and micro personal dreams.



Cheng Qingwei personally led My People,My Country.

On the afternoon of February 22nd, 2022, after the meeting of the marketing center, Cheng Qingwei personally led the team to visit Lugou Bridge in Wanping Ancient City and War of Resistance against Japan Memorial Hall of the Chinese People. Mr. Li Jianfeng, the director of the office, made detailed arrangements and explanations for this visit, and led these members to relive the unforgettable course of that painful period, look back to the immortal feats of our ancestors, and inherit the original mission of building the motherland and the spiritual strength to forge ahead bravely. The memorial hall fully reflects the omniscient panorama of Chinese people's War of Resistance against Japan history, especially vividly restores the original war sculpture of "eight hundred heroes" who fought to defend the anti-Japanese position and resist the repeated attacks of Japanese troops, and the mission builders and their party stopped for a long time. The booty collected in the museum profoundly shows the tremendous burden and national sacrifice that China has undertaken for the victory of the world anti-fascist war in the glorious years. The visit deepened the patriotic feelings of the employees and was an important part of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values. Everyone also expressed that they would remember the history and the mission.Do not forget initiative mind, and forge ahead, contribute their own strength to health care, and join in Weili for building a beautiful China.



Li Jianfeng is explaining the real-time distribution pattern of the campaign to visitors.



After the visit, Cheng Qingwei and all members took a group photo in front of the memorial hall.



After the group building, all the staff took a group photo at Lugou Bridge.

Participants came to Lugou Bridge, which has a history of thousands of years, and walked on the bumpy stone road that had been rolled over by carriages for thousands of years, and ended this group building activity in the warm sun. The newly established marketing center will be open to all the customers in the world, learn the frontier, take the essence and discard the dross, and advance hand in hand to create a better future!