MEDICA 2014 Attented by Weili brought a successful Close


"International Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition" in Dusseldorf, Germany is a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition, which is recognized as the largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world, and it ranks first in the world medical trade exhibition with its irreplaceable scale and influence.

Beijing Weili New Century Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been participating in MEDICA exhibition since 2001. This year, as always, it sent a professional team to participate in this grand event with self-patented medical devices. At the exhibition, the andrology products represented by WLZZ-9999 andrologic disease diagnosis and treatment system, WLJY-9000 Weili color sperm quality analysis system, and the infectious and digestive products represented by WLXGX-8888 Weili blood purification-artificial liver support system and WLFHY-500 Weili ascites ultrafiltration concentration&reinfusion system won unanimous praise from buyers, hospital buyers and distributors at home and abroad.

Through this exhibition, on the one hand, we know the development trend of the international medical industry, and on the other hand, we show the products of Weili to the world.