Weili attended the conference on liver failure and artificial liver.


The 8th National Academic Conference of Chinese Medical Association on Liver Failure and Artificial Liver was held in Haikou, Hainan Province, China in April, 2015. At that time, renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad on liver diseases, infectious diseases and blood purification will be invited to attend the conference, and the latest research results and difficult problems in the field of liver failure and artificial liver at home and abroad will be comprehensively introduced.

As a professional manufacturer of blood purification, Weili also attended the meeting, and demonstrated WLXGX-8888 Weili blood purification-artificial liver support system independently developed and produced by Weili at the meeting site. Artificial liver support system is an important means to treat liver failure. It uses blood purification technology to exchange or treat the plasma of patients with severe liver disease, remove toxic substances such as endotoxin and bilirubin, and supplement various coagulation factors in plasma at the same time, so as to alleviate the symptoms of patients and improve the coagulation mechanism of patients. The artificial liver support system can temporarily replace the metabolism, detoxification and synthesis functions of the liver, provide necessary in vitro functional support for the severely diseased liver, help patients get through the dangerous period, and win valuable time for further clinical treatment (such as liver transplantation, etc.).

Beijing Weili is the first medical enterprise in National Medical Products Administration to approve the production and sale of domestic blood purification-artificial liver support system. The latest WLXGX 8888 blood purification-artificial liver support system launched by the company has pushed the functionality, safety and stability of artificial liver support system to a new height with its unique professional design of four peristaltic pumps and weighing system and perfect automatic feedback regulation system of pump speed.