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        Job type: full-time reference salary: 4000-5000 yuan/month

        Hiring deadline: the 2014-11-24-2014-11-24

        Working area: chaoyang district

        Home now: no Degree required: no

        work experience: unlimited

        Age requirement: 20-28

        gender: female

        Zip code: 100029

        Accommodation: negotiable

        benefits: Contact: manager Chen Contact

        address: Beijing chaoyang district along two Wells China pavilion building, room 508, building A bridge

        Bus route: the subway line 10 double JingZhan D outbound for export to Job

        responsibilities: Answering customer calls Follow up customer feedback Answer customer questions Detailed interpretation of the company service advantages and benefits Assist customer signed a contract with company site

        Treatment: no responsibility basic salary 3000 + commission 5% + of all kinds of subsidies and bonuses = 4000 yuan of above;