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        • Product Name: WLZZ-9999 Weili Multi-functional erectile dysfunction Treatment Workstation
        • Product ID: CP-013
        • Product Type: WLZZ-9999

          ED, prostate disease, infertility, insemination, IVF, sexual disease, etc.
          I. Comprehensive Diagnosis Function
          1. Penis erection rigidity quantitative video analysis
          Penis erection rigidity has direct effect on sexual life quality. So an objective evaluation on penis erection rigidity is the most important index to evaluate sexual function and is significant in diagnosing and treating erection dysfunction (ED). This function adopts video camera and high-precision sensor technology to get data on penis erection length, perimeter, axial rigidity, glans temperature, etc., which is very helpful to evaluate erection quality objectively and accurately
          l The high-definition video camera can capture the image of erected penis and calculate out the length, perimeter automatically. It can also revise the image by hand to get more accurate result.
          l This product measures the axial rigidity of erected penis in 揼rams?to give a precise measurement on erection axial rigidity. Through several groups of the axial rigidity data to give an more objective average value.
          l Simultaneously, the temperature sensor can measure the temperature of glans without interference of room temperature, so that the doctor can objectively and exactly evaluate the quality of the erection.
          l One-time special condom to ensure no cross infection;
          Clinical indication
          l To identify ED type at daytime after medication or injection to patient without using NPT
          l To test treatment result of medication and give guidance to clinic medication treatment
          l To test treatment result of vasoactive injection and provide precise dose or titer
          l To test pre and post surgery results
          2. Nocturnal penis erection recording
          This apparatus can continuously record the frequency of penis erection, length, perimeter, erection period, changes of blood volume and be connected with the machine to create relevant diagrams automatically, which is helpful for the clinical doctor to distinguish the types of ED. It is the most effective method to distinguish between psychological ED and organic ED at present.
          Monitoring Parameters
          Characteristics of function
          l Easy wearing, free move, least disturbance to patient抯 sleep
          l Continuous recording, maximum 12 hours per night;
          l One-time erection monitor electrodes to ensure safety, sanitation, convenience;
          l All recorded data can be saved, edited, displayed and printed when connected with computer;
          3. Monitor the blood flow with doppler ultrasound
          It monitors the blood vessel of corpora cavernosa penis artery, and keeps records on systolic pressure and diastolic pressure at the same time. After the computer processes these data, it can obtain the peak speed and average velocity of blood flow, so it is easy to discern the blood vascular causes which lead to erection dysfunction.
          Working theory
          The probe will send out ultrasound at the penis artery. The reflected ultrasound will produce Doppler effect. From this, we will get data on blood flow in vessel. After processed by computer, it will print out wave graph of blood flow peak speed, blood flow average speed and heartbeat. If used together with penis blood pressure band, it can record systolic pressure and diastolic pressure and then calculate penis/arm blood pressure index PBI so as to identify vascular cause of erection dysfunction, and distinguish artery ED and vein ED.t.
          4. Ejaculation lasting time recording, helpful to diagnose premature ejaculation
          At present, diagnosis of premature ejaculation is judged from the narration on intercourse by patients to doctors. There is no uniform diagnosis standard. There is no product able to record intercourse accurately which is used to diagnose premature ejaculation objectively either. This product can record many parameters during simulated intercourse and the data is very helpful for doctors to evaluate if the patient is inclined to premature ejaculation.
          Monitoring Parameters
          l Ejaculation lasting total time, effective ejaculation lasting time, massage intensity, glans temperature, perimeter of erected penis
          l All data can be transmitted to computer. The user can edit and print out report by the specific software.
          II. Powerful Treatment Function
          1. The treatment of sexual dysfunction
          By stimulating the acupuncture point through the digital controlled electric pulse of ultra-low frequency, it can improve the function of vegetative, raise sex desire and enhance male erection function, lengthen the time of ejaculating, dispel the symptom of easy fatigue rapidly.
          2. The treatment of prostate disease with micro-wave
          The micro-wave is the most effective treatment method for prostate diseases. This workstation uses micro-wave probe to focus the radiant energy on the prostate area, so that the human tissue can absorb the micro-wave energy. The blood circulation and local nutrition are improved. The regeneration ability of human tissue is enhanced. As a result, the prostate inflammation and tumescence are effectively adsorbed.
          3. Premature Ejaculation Desensitization training to treat premature ejaculation effectively
          By repeated massage stimulation to penis, it can reduce the sensitivity of glans, increase ejaculation sensitivity threshold, prolong ejaculation time and then realize the goal to treat premature ejaculation. This product can also provide graph and data of training to be used as the reference for next training course. This method is the most effective and widely accepted way to treat premature ejaculation in the world.
          Parameter of desensitization training
          Training intensity, training ordinal, effective training time
          4. Erection aided by negative pressure
          Put the negative pressure canister on penis. The intensity of negative pressure suction is adjusted by computer. Under negative pressure suction, the penis blood vessel will expand, and simultaneously less blood flows back, which boost the penis to erect and reach necessary rigidity.
          Clinical Indication
          l Help penis to erect quickly and fully, so make semen collection easier
          l Provide rehabilitation treatment on erection dysfunction
          III. Collect Semen Automatically
          To collect complete semen sample is the precondition of semen analysis and artificial insemination. At present, masturbation is a traditional way widely-used to collect semen but 30% of patients are unable to collection semen successfully because of environmental, psychological and physical factors. This product can simulate the vagina environment in the normal intercourse and use visual and audio stimulation to patients so that patients will feel comfortable and get full erection and they will feel much easier to reach climax and get ejaculation successfully.
          Characteristics of Function:
          l Internal double air tyres structure, producing different grip pressure to both the top and end of the penis
          l Adjustable electro motion device, simulating back-and-forth motion of penis
          l Infrared ray irradiation device, increasing temperature so as to improve penis cavernous body blood circulation;
          l External ultra-low electrodes device, stimulating relevant acupuncture points to help penis erection
          l One-time-use semen collection condom used to collect complete semen sample and ensure sanitation and safety. In the meantime to measure semen volume
          IV. Head Mounted Video Watcher
          The head mounted video watcher can protect the privacy of patient to watch sexual movie and minimize the outside circumstances disturbance. With strong audio and visual stimulation, the patient will get excited quickly and reach the optimal erection status easily, which will help the doctor to diagnose and treat objectively.
          Clinical Indication
          l Helpful to semen collection
          l Useful to premature ejaculation diagnosis and treatment
          l Helpful to evaluate penis erection function
          l Reduce vasoactive injection dose for penis cavernous body
          l Helpful to penis arterial contrast or cavernous body contrast examination, which is to further examination of various ED