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        • Product Name: WeiLi Automatic Color Sperm Quality Analysis System
        • Product ID: CP-008
        • Product Type: WLJY-9000

        Weili Sperm Quality Analysis system is widely used in
        Laboratories, Fertility center, IVF centers, androlog clinics and andrology
        departments of hospitals. In China, we take up 90% of market share. Almost all
        advancing and market in changing, we are always moving forward with the
        accumulation of clinical studies and innovative technology based on our 30
        seats of professional experiences in fertility field.
        There are many modules in our software, including dynamic analysis, morphology
        analysis, quality control etc. Our system is able to switch between WHO4 and WHO5
        edition easily, which adapts to any user's demand.

             The Functions Comparison between WLJY-9000 and Other Brands.

        Functions    WLJY-9000       Other Brands
        1. Industrial German original digital camera display high definition and high fram rate video.     ×
        2.can record videos and pictures and also do dynamic analysis ×
        3. All-in-one computer with high configuration and quality ×
        4.Can distinguish cell from sperm automatically, distinguish
        other substance from sperm, and identify sperm tail and track tail movement
        5.Can adjust recognition algorithm during real-time analysis and edict ×
        6.The movement track of each sperm is shown in different color based on different grade and is able to be played back repeated. ×
        7. Analysis data is shown simultaneously on the right side of sperm image
        display section, which is convenient to know concentration and grades of 
        current Image. 
        8.After last  analsis, the previously analyzed field of vision can still be manually corrected. ×
        9.  Can save all traces of each sample and to save playback videos of tracks. ×
        10.  Double sample analysis is able to judge automatically  ×
        11. It's able to add sperm or delete other substance in the displaying areas  ×
        12.Quality control module can generate X bard charts automatically ×
        13.It has functions to filter impurities and can use both

         disposable counting slides, and special ruby counting slides

        14. The database can save immense cases and videos share with hospitals LIS system ×

        15.It included quality control beads, internal quality control, and external quality control.

        It's free to switch between WHO 5 and WHO 4.