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        • Product Name: WLXGX-8888 Weili Blood Purification System
        • Product ID: CP-006
        • Product Type: WLXGX-8888

        New system

        Game-changing performance

        China Made.

        Beijing Weili New Century Science & Technology Development Corp., Ltd. is the first medical devices manufacturer approved by CFDA to produce and promote blood purification system in China.

        The latest intelligent operating system can perfectly implement CRRT therapy and its extended therapies:

         Game Changer :Precision:

        ——Sophisticated flow balancing function to ensure automatic continuous bedside treatment

        1. The four flow pumps, with a maximum exchange capacity of 15L/h, can perform all CRRT therapies including HVHF (High Volume Hemofiltration).

        2. The three electronic scales can monitor the amount of dialysate, replacement fluid and waste fluid respectively and control the inflow and outflow volume accurately through pump speed feedback mechanism . The error is <100ml/24h.

        3. The intelligent operating system can ensure the accuracy of entire treatment process through real-time automatic inspection and error auto-correction.

        Game Changer :Safety

        ——Comprehensive monitoring system to alarm malfunction and treatment risks

        1. The quick self-check function after turn-on can ensure the safe use of the machine.

        2. The five pressure monitors can indicate the status of tubes and filters continuously.

        3. The system can forecast all liquid bag remaining and replacement time and alarm on full or empty status of liquid bag automatically.

        4. The system can perform real-time monitoring and alarm on bubble, blood leak, temperature, heparin.

        5. Various parameters can be set flexibly to provide emergency mode to ensure the safe and continuous treatment

        Game changerConvenience

        ——Human-friendly interactive interface, easy operation, complete clinical data, and flexible parameter settings

        1. Color LCD touch screen, English menu, tube priming and treatment schematics of each therapy can make it easy to operate.

        2. It displays detailed data such as pump flow, dynamic pressure, weighing status, alarm monitoring status, treatment time, temperature, etc.

        3. It has automatic priming function to reduce the operator's workload.

        4. The treatment status is monitored in real time. The operating setting can be memorized in case of power failure and operation can be resumed automatically upon power recovery.

        5Besides automatic programs, there is also manual model that can be controlled according to clinical needs.


        1.CVVH ( Continuous Vein-Vein Hemofiltration) 

        CVVH - Convective removal of medium molecular solutes (MMS) while replenishing replacement fluids; continuous 24-hour treatment, continuous removal of MMS with rapid rate of production, strong dispersion, and wide distribution volume; treatment is more in line with the body Physiological characteristics, with the advantages of maintaining the internal environment stability and improving hemodynamics

        2.CVVHD ( Continuous Vein-Vein Hemodialysis)

        CVVHD—According to the concentration difference between the inside and outside of the membrane, the small molecule toxins in the blood are removed in a diffuse manner, and the internal environment disorder is corrected at the same time.

        3.CVVHDF (  Continuous Vein-Vein Hemodiafiltration )

        CVVHDF—Combining the CVVH and CVVHD modes, high-throughput filters and replacement fluids can remove both medium and small molecular solute at the same time, making up for the lack of nitrogen removal by CVVH. It is suitable for acute renal failure with high catabolism and systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS).

        4.SCUF ( Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration

        SCUF—The excess water in the blood is removed in a convective manner according to the pressure gradient inside and outside the membrane, and the ultrafiltration rate is automatically controlled by the waste pump. Clinically used for volume overload, such as congestive heart failure or pulmonary edema, renal insufficiency who have not reached the stage of uremia edema, and those who need both a large amount of intravenous fluids, and the need for liquid control, such as intravenous nutrition, drug infusion treatment etc.

        5.CPFACoupled Plasma Filtration Adsorption)             New

        CPFA therapy is a combination of plasma separation, filtration and adsorption. First, the plasma is separated after pre-dilution of the blood. The separated plasma is first ultrafiltered by a hemofilter, and is then returned to the human body by adsorption and protein-bound toxins by the hemoperfusion apparatus. CPFA therapy replaces many detoxification and metabolic functions of the kidneys and liver, removing large amounts of small and medium-sized molecules of water-soluble toxins and macromolecular lipid-soluble toxins accumulated in the body during organ failure, and correcting hemodynamics, water-electrolyte disorders, and establish a healthy and stable internal environment that promotes the improvement of functions of various organs and achieves the goal of stabilizing the conditions of critically ill patients and surviving the dangerous period.