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        On Men’s Health Day, Weili Solves “Men’s” Difficulties

        Number of visits: Date:Oct 28,2014

          On October 28, as Men’s Health Day approached, to increase men’s attention to health and their correct awareness of diseases, men's health care actions were arisen among all circles. ED is one of the four male reproductive system diseases with highest morbidity. In China, the morbidity of ED among men above 40 is about 46%, about 127 million patients. However, the outpatient rate is extremely low, and many ED patients not dare to or are not willing to go to the hospital.
          In modern society, men face great pressure and the whole society shall care their health. Weili, as a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D of andrology devices for more than twenty years, always cares about men’s health and owns various men’s health inspection and treatment devices have been solved various “men’s” difficulties for many men. With the improvement of men’s health awareness in the society, Weili will produce more products with remarkable curative effects to protect men as a convoy for men’s high-quality life!

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