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        MEDICA 2014 Attended by Weili Brought a Successful Close

        Number of visits: Date:Dec 20,2014

          “MEDICA” Dusseldorf Germany is a world famous comprehensive medical fair, known as the world’s largest hospital and medical equipment fair, top among world medical trade fairs with irreplaceable scale and influence.
          Beijing Weili New Century Science & Tech. Deve. Co. Ltd. has been attended MEDICA since 2001, and dispatched a professional team with medical devices with proprietary patents as always this year to participate at this grand meeting with a lot of harvest. In this fair, andrologic products such as WLZZ-9999 andropathy diagnosis system and WLJY-9000 Weili color sperm quality monitoring system, and infectious and gastroenterology products such as WLXGX-8888 Weili plasmapheresis—artificial liver support system and WLFHY-500 computer ascites ultrafiltration extracorporeal condensing reinfusion system won a universal praise from domestic and overseas buyers, hospitals and distributers.
          Through this fair, Weili learnt more about development trends of international medical industry and also showed Weili’s products to the world.


        (The Trip to Germany with Good Results. The photo is a group photo of Weili people at MEDICA, Germany)

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