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        Weili Attend CMEF Chongqing International Medical Equipment Fair

        Number of visits: Date:Dec 22,2014

          China International Medical Equipment Fair 2014 was held successfully in Chongqing International Expo Center from October 23 to 26, 2014.
          Beijing Weili New Century Science & Tech. Deve. Co. Ltd., a high-tech medical device manufacturer devoted to andrology and infectious disease cause, also participated in this Fair. During this Fair, product managers had detailed communication with customers showing strong cooperative willingness on site and recommended different models according to different customer demands in addition to complete presentation of product advantages. Then, product managers recommended and introduced competitive products, such as WLZZ-9999 andropathy diagnosis system, WLJY-9000 sperm monitoring system, WLXGX-8888 plasmapheresis —artificial liver support system and WLFHY-500 ascites reinfusion system.
          In a word, Weili make more insiders know it and its related products through this Fair. Besides, Weili highlighted its strength and developed new conditions of medical technology through attending this Fair.


           (The photo above is Weili’s main venue at CMEF. Our equipment attracted many insiders stopped and consulted. Many insiders took photos in our main venue and expressed their encouragement and support to domestic medical devices.)

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